Announcement of THE EXHIBITION IN FALL, 2021

We are pleased to announce the 8th annual exhibition, "THE ARTS OF THE SHANG DYNASTY", to be held in October.

The exhibition will also be to commemorate the grand opening of RYUSENDO GALLERY and the first event to use all the gallery floors. 

We believe that this will be a great opportunity to comprehensively see the works of the Shang, such as archaic bronze ritual wares, oracle bone inscriptions and jades.

Date:   Friday, October 29 to Sunday, November 7
Time:  11: 00 ~ 18: 00 

Announcement of Updating MAYUYAMA ONLINE GALLERY

MAYUYAMA ONLINE GALLERY has been updated on August 24. Please feel free to contact us for enquiry about the listed works.

Announcement of Temporary Business Hours

Please be informed that our business hours are from 11:00am to 5:00pm temporarily, due to a state of emergency. Thank you.